Well, guess what I did a couple of days ago? I went to London, England! It was a jolly good time. OK, yeah, that was lame... :) I did manage to take my camera on this trip, I'm still a horrible picture-taker though. Place your mouse over the picture to read my random comments about the shot, it could explain why it looks so bad - but it's doubtful. :)

visit to london 2006

the tower of london across the street the tower of london is still across the street a gate... not just any gate, but the traitor's gate
a ship on the river still haven't crossed the street yet, not sure what this is yup, same as the last one we made it across the street! it's the london bridge!
london bridge - still not falling alexis near london bridge buckingham palace look, there's a gaurd
zoom! a close-up put the next three together you get the whole thing fountain in front of buckingham palace another shot of the fountain
hyde park is across the street there horses! if you strain you can see the ferris wheel and the top of big ben check out the driving
some more crazy driving picadilly circus! big screens i figure out the zoom button again in the next one ah, much better
the hard rock cafe, rock on wow - that's all i can say

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